Cheating, Sexual Impulsivity and Recovery

Surveys show that men cheat on their romantic partners twice as often as women—and for different reasons. Research hasn’t yielded much shocking new information, but it has given credibility to a few popular ideas: Men are more likely to report sexual reasons for their infidelity, especially in long-term relationships. For example, being dissatisfied with frequency of sex, or his excitement during sex has diminished.

Women report cheating for emotional reasons. It’s not the physical side to her relationship that she feels is lacking, but an emotional connection. These women have affairs for a few reasons. They may really have found someone who fits their needs; they may just be using their new partner to break free from their current one, or they may be in the process of using one affair after another to find someone who satisfies their emotional needs.

Of course, the opposites are also true. Women do seek one-night stands out of sexual frustration and men do have affairs to satisfy emotional needs. Some experts theorize that evolution is behind this paradigm. Historically, males have spread their genetic material by mating with as many females as possible, and females needed further support to help raise their offspring. When sexual satisfaction, or seeking sexual satisfaction for emotional reasons, begins to take priority over other areas of life, a sexual addiction may be in the process of developing. Sex addiction is a common co-occurring problem to drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse and other behavioral, mental or emotional issues.

Like any addiction, sex addiction will reveal obsession, craving and an inability to stop. Though a romantic relationship may already seem damaged, much more harm can be done to you and the other people who love you without seeking any kind of treatment. Love is a basic human need on every level. Do not let the need for sexual and emotional satisfaction push you further away from achieving healthy, loving relationships. Recovery is always possible.

Cheating, sexual impulsivity, emotional dissatisfaction and unhealthy romantic relationships can inspire drinking or using drugs to mask these deeper pains. Such issues can inhibit the prospects of recovery until honestly faced and willingly changed. The Last Resort is here to help you bring a healthy balance back to all areas of your life, including the way you participate in romantic relationships. It starts with you.