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Cup of Joe – Week 1

Written By:

Becky Babb

Cup of Joe

    ” Before enlightenment, carry the water, till the soul. After enlightenment, carry the water, till the soil. “

    – Zen Proverb

    We who have experienced awakenings of the body, mind, and spirit have come out of the darkness. We see ourselves, God, people, and this world with new eyes. Those of us in recovery have come to understand our primary purpose with greater clarity through taking the path of the Twelve Steps. But any enlightenment in of itself is nothing if we do not use it to transform our lives, it requires us to live each day as if our awarenesses really matter. It’s in the small, but very substantial details of our everyday lives that an awakening manifests itself. It’s being present and aware, day by day. Not dulling our spirits with the material fix, not forgetting to share our experience and knowledge to offer service to others, not neglecting the humble, sometimes tedious tasks, that are necessary to keep our lives in healthy order. Whether the outer world changes a lot or very little, internally we are alive with excitement of a spirit that has awakened.

    Y’all have a wonderful week !


    Joe Hartwell

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