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Dan C’s Transformation

Written By:

Becky Babb

Dan C's Transformation

    Dan’s life started off in a pretty typical fashion. He was born in the Bay Area of California and grew up as an only child in a loving household. However, around age 14 he was introduced to alcohol and drugs, and though he didn’t know it at the time, those drugs would send his life in a direction he never expected.Dan’s use could be considered “normal” until he graduated high school and started college. He chose a university based on its party reputation and things “got bad” as soon as he started using Oxycontin. He began seeing a multitude of doctors in order to get enough prescriptions for the opioid drugs that he had become dependent on. Eventually, he got a DUI and was placed on probation. This didn’t stop Dan from continuing to drink and when he completed his probationary term he threw a party to celebrate!While on probation Dan was introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous but did not internalize any of the suggestions presented there. He moved back in with his parents and tried to get sober through willpower. When he was 24 he found himself admitting to treatment for what would be the first of many times. While going to school to be a fire fighter, Dan continually found himself in 30-day treatment centers relapsing shortly after completing these programs and even once relapsing while still in treatment.Out of desperation his parents sent him to a yearlong treatment program in Texas in 2006. Upon completion of that program he relapsed and continued to bounce in and out of recovery for another 5 years. Following one last treatment stay Dan was finally ready to truly engage in a program of recovery. He began working all 12 Steps of AA and exercising regularly. Today Dan has about 5 years clean and sober and his life is filled with blessings. He just bought a house and is engaged to the love of his life. He’s also got an awesome dog that he gets to bring to work at The Last Resort were he works as a recovery specialist helping young men, who are just like him, to find recovery.Dan is truly a powerful example of the miracles that occur in the rooms of recovery!

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