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David Tejeda Joins The Last Resort

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Becky Babb

David Tejeda Joins The Last Resort

    Please welcome David Tejeda as our newest licensed therapist. David is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC), and certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). We are excited to bring David’s experience and passion for recovery to our Clinical Team. David will be working with clients individually as well as providing clinical groups throughout your loved one’s stay at The Last Resort.David was born in Brownsville, TX to a loving family. Growing up he was taught to value education and spirituality attending regular church services and a religious private school. However, when in the 3rd grade began to experience depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsions. These mental health issues impacted him to a point which only exacerbated the original issues. At the age of 11 David had to have oral surgery and was introduced to Opioid drugs. He remembers feeling like he was in a video game and not having a care in the world. Immediately he began to chase that elusive sensation.David began sneaking into medicine cabinets at the homes of his family and friends, searching for anything that would change the way he felt inside. He began smoking marijuana and when he got caught on his high school campus he was kicked out and sent to treatment for the first time. Despite his drug use David continued to do well academically throughout high school. Eventually David found himself drawn to the local punk rock scene and connecting with a group of peers that found his drug use completely acceptable.After graduating from high school, David landed in treatment again and again. He reports that he would “get a student loan check and then disappear.” By the age of 29 David was living in San Antonio and was “strung out” on cocaine and heroin. Eventually he moved back home to try and just drink alcohol and smoke marijuana. He picked up a third DUI and started smoking synthetic marijuana to avoid being detected by his probation officer.Soon, David found himself picking up yet another newcomer chip in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, but this time things were different. Rather than focusing on what he thought was wrong with the 12-steps he began to find ways to incorporate the practices of AA with his personal views from various spiritual traditions including Buddhism. This approach unlocked a world of healing for David who now has nearly 3 years clean and sober.Today David is able to be fully present in his loving marriage and a job he loves. He continues to play music and exercise his creative side in a variety of ways. He has a deep meditation practice and is able to feel “tranquil and mindful amidst life’s changes.” David’s life today has the stability and purpose that he always wanted.Please welcome David Tejeda to the TLR family!

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