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Faith in Recovery

Written By:

Becky Babb

Faith in Recovery

    As a spiritually-centered recovery center, we understand that the most crucial component of long term success in addiction recovery is faith. This does not necessarily mean religion, though the many religions of the world are centered on faith. Faith by itself, however, means believing in yourself and in something larger than yourself. As the many prophets and saints have come to tell us throughout mankind’s long history, faith is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.So what is faith?It’s often said that our perspective shapes our reality, that how we approach the world affects the way the world responds to us. Various aspects of quantum science are starting to support this theory but the mystics have understood it for centuries. When you believe strongly in your own recovery and in a greater purpose for your life, the persistent temptations of continued addiction seem less powerful and have less influence on your life. Faith is a kind of inoculation against temptation. It’s a way of looking at your life in a larger context, with full confidence that you belong to a larger process and a higher order. Faith is not the blind belief in magic, it’s the deeply felt understanding that you aren’t alone and that if you commit yourself to the Good, then good things will be returned to you.How does faith help in recovery?One of the biggest culprits to continued relapse is the ingrained belief that you can’t escape the addiction. When an addict internalizes this idea of being trapped by something like alcohol or drugs, then the pull of these temptations will always be a strong force that seems impossible to resist. But with a little faith in yourself, in the Creator, and in the people around you, you build up a stronger will to resist. Faith brings confidence and meaning to recovery. It gives you a larger context for why it’s important to stay strong and committed to sobriety.We’re firm believers that the indomitable spirit of humanity can beat any destructive force that comes against it. Our spiritually-centered recovery programs come with a strong sense of faith in recovery because we know how powerful faith can be in achieving success and health in life.

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