Addiction Treatment

Finding Strength

Written By:

Becky Babb

Finding Strength

    There’s nothing worse for a man’s pride and sense of self than the feeling of weakness. Weakness is deplorable in almost every culture and there are a whole range of psychological battles we endure when we feel weak and helpless. It’s not a good feeling and ruins our self-confidence and presence of mind. Substance addiction is particularly difficult in this way because we are forced, at some point, to admit our weakness and sometimes helplessness in the face of something that isn’t even alive.Addiction takes its toll in many ways but the helplessness we feel in the face of overwhelming dependency is one of the worst blows to a person’s confidence. When you’re faced with the challenge of overcoming your alcoholism or drug addiction, one of the most important qualities to seek out in yourself is strength.This doesn’t mean hit the gym and bulk up– though physical fitness will help build the kind of strength we’re actually talking about. True strength is that of your character, mind, and convictions. Strength of mind, character, and convictions are the key to a successful recovery because it’s the force that powers you through the difficult spots and replaces that debilitating weakness that creeps in when we’re forced to admit that we’ve lost control of our drinking or drug use.When you find yourself in the dark depths of addiction, keep in mind that you haven’t failed or embarrassed yourself, at least not yet. The real shame would be in giving up. The simple act of persisting in the face of overwhelming odds will boost and build up your strength and confidence in amazing ways. Dig down deep inside you and remember what you live for, the reason you’re in recovery, and the reason you want to break the cycle of addiction. This will be your source of strength and will carry you through. Finding strength will happen over time.Addiction may hinder your strength and weaken you for a time, but it can’t completely kill your spirit unless you give it that permission and give up. Instead, get some help from a treatment professional and dig deep inside yourself for the source of your strength. In the end, you’ll look back on the weaker version of yourself and know that the stronger you reached down to lend a hand and pull him back to his feet.

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