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Heart of the Home

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Becky Babb

Heart of the Home - The Last Resort Recovery Center

    The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home.” It is a place to fellowship, work, and nourish the soul. This has been exactly the case at The Last Resort. Since we first opened, clients have always played a role in preparing meals for each other as a way of learning life skills and practicing the principle of service. During that process, our clients also get the opportunity to share experiences, build relationships, and learn healthy communication skills.In the interest of continually improving our program and finding ways to better serve our clients; we have recently added a full industrial kitchen. Kitchen Manager Jason Charles has led this effort by working with our nutritionist. They have developed a whole new menu that is not only tasty but also targeted to meet the specific dietary needs of the individual entering recovery from substance abuse. Jason has worked in restaurant settings for many years prior to coming to The Last Resort. He is instilling real life practices and procedures into the kitchen here.When asked how the new kitchen benefits the clients, Jason said, “I can’t think of any activity other than cooking, in which a man can work for a relatively short period of time and be able to look at the fruit of his labors and experience the feeling of a job well done.” This helps men who come to The Last Resort with low self-esteem to see that they are truly capable of positive change and contributing to their community.

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