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How Does Crack Affect the Body?

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Becky Babb

How Does Crack Affect the Body?

    Crack cocaine affects the body in a number of ways, but it’s most known for maximizing the feelings of pleasure and alertness. While you may be familiar with these effects, you may not understand exactly how crack works once ingested into the body.Being a stimulant, crack cocaine ramps up your body and mind. Under the influence, a user may think and speak rapidly, jumping from one topic to another, while the body may be nervous, jittery, and twitchy. Crack also raises the body temperature, constricts blood vessels, and causes the heart to beat faster than normal.

    Understanding the Effects of Crack on the Human Body

    Crack works incredibly quickly, but does depend on the method by which it’s used. Snorting cocaine will cause a quick effect, inducing a high in just a few minutes. Smoking crack cocaine, or injecting it into your veins, however, will cause an almost instantaneous feeling of euphoria. Despite the almost instantaneous high experienced when using, crack cocaine wears off pretty quickly, anywhere from 15-40 minutes after you smoke or snort it. This causes repetitive and dangerous use. Not everyone will have the exact same reaction to crack, though. Everyone will have a different tolerance, and may or may not be affected by the high it can produce.Not only is crack cocaine dangerous to use on its own, it is popular for people to use alcohol at the same time. Many mix it with alcohol to enhance the effects of both. While this is a popular trend, it can be incredibly dangerous. The combination of crack and alcohol actually creates the presence of a chemical, which increases the absorption rate of cocaine. Once the absorption rate increases, it enhances the high experienced along with the harsh side effects on the body. It’s possible to overdose from this mixture, which has been known to cause heart failure and sudden death.

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