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Keeping Dad Calm: Stress Tips for the Busy Man

Written By:

Becky Babb

Keeping Dad Calm: Stress Tips for the Busy Man

    The dads of today’s busy world are doing everything they can to be “Super Dad” by balancing the many demanding tasks and responsibilities. It seems like there are a long string of never-ending demands on your time and energy that can quickly build the levels of stress and anxiety in your life. Men commonly don’t like to admit when they’re feeling overloaded or stressed, especially Dads who take pride in providing for their families without complaint. However, it doesn’t take long for all that pressure to finally mount an attack on your better judgments and you end up succumbing to an avalanche of anxiety and anguish.Before the pot boils over, it’s important to take a step back and examine the stress levels in your life and take steps to reduce this burden, before it’s too late. Here are some stress tips for keeping the peace as a father.Slow It DownWe tend to think that life’s a race to the finish line. We get in “Conquest Mode” and make it our mission to sprint through our daily chores and workload to get there before the other guy. The truth is, there’s no one tapping their watch and urging us to improve our running time. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and if you never take a moment to slow down and enjoy the fruits of what you’re working for, you might as well not be working for them at all. A game in the yard with the kids, a quite movie on the couch, or a lively dinner conversation… these are the meat and drink of the good life. The small moments with friends and family are the moments that make the stresses of the day worth enduring. So remember to slow it down once in a while to take a look around and find gratitude and appreciation for the blessings that surround you.Mind-Body HealthThe mind and body are intricately connected and if your body isn’t in tip top shape, the mind will suffer the burdens as well. Getting out of your normal routine for some quality exercise can mean the difference between a calm, balanced daily life and a road that ends in a nervous breakdown. Exercise gets the blood flowing in the body and the brain, eliminates toxins from the body with sweat, and keeps your muscles and joints loose and limber. A healthy diet is the other key essential. Food fuels the brain and a diet heavy in sugars and fast food only clogs up the blood streams and tires out the brain. Reduce your stress levels with good exercise and a healthy diet.Take Time for YouAs men, we tend to think that our break will come just around the corner. “If I can just get a little further ahead in work, then things will be better and I can relax.” Want to know the real secret? It never ends. Never. There is no place further down the road of life where things will look so settled and secure that you can finally stop and take a breath. It’s an ongoing climb up the mountain and you’ll always find some new focus for your worry, regardless of your accomplishments and successes. It’s important to take time NOW, today and every day, for your own mental well-being and health. Do something for ten minutes a day that you’ve been putting off until “things are better.” Give yourself the healthy break you deserve so that you can be strong, centered, and focused when your family and your work need you.

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