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Letter of hope from an Alumni’s Mom and Sister

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Becky Babb

Letter of hope from an Alumni's Mom and Sister

    No words can describe or express our deepest thanks and gratitude to The Last Resort for everything you have done for our son/brother. Just saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough but seems like a good start. Before our daughter found The Last Resort for her brother, we thought we would be making funeral arrangements. Fortunately he seemed to have reached his bottom and he was finally asking for help. Your program was a saving grace for our family and you all should be commended on the support that you offer to your residents and their families. We knew from our initial conversations prior to his acceptance into the program that The Last Resort and its staff truly valued and deeply cared about their jobs, each resident, and their overall outcome. We appreciated the phone calls and letters each week from Frankie letting us know how our son/brother was doing. Because of the entire staff at The Last Resort, we can now say that we have our son/brother back, which is something that we were not sure would ever happen. The feeling is amazing and we hope to continue on this journey with our son/brother. The tools that he has received to move forward with his life are attributed entirely to The Last Resort. While he played and continues to play a huge role in his recovery and his journey while at The Last Resort and after, he could not have done it without each and everyone of you. We actually have long phone conversations and talk about everything today. He has also taken responsibility for the things he has done in the past. We all know it will be a struggle every day but you have given him the tools and confidence that he needed to continue on and fight. Having our son/brother back is the gift of a lifetime. Thank you so much for caring. Please know that if our family should ever be approached by someone who is battling an addiction and searching for help, The Last Resort will be our top recommendation.


    The Zimmerman / Iarocci Families

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