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Life Before and After Treatment

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Becky Babb

Life Before and After Treatment

    In July of this year, I reached rock bottom. My addiction had taken full control of my life and I was living in a depressing state of unmanageability. Although I had lost hope in my future I was blessed with a willingness to surrender. I didn’t know where I wanted to go, but I knew I needed to go back to rehab and change the way I was living my life. Fortunately, with help from my Dad, I found my way to the Last Resort.Upon my arrival to the secluded ranch amidst the peaceful beauty of nature I received a warm welcome from a loving staff and understanding brothers. 90 days seemed like a long time, but the safe and positive atmosphere at the Last Resort reassured me that I had chosen the right place to begin my journey in recovery and restore myself back to sanity.During my stay I learned a lot about the 12 steps, patience, and acceptance. It was nice to have a loving group of guys that were willing to hold each other accountable. Although I felt uncomfortable at times, I learned that these were the best opportunities for growth. It felt like I had taken a time out from life and joined a new family where I could focus on myself and seek genuine support from people who cared about my well being. Amidst the seriousness of dealing with our suffering we also had lots of fun and were free to be ourselves. Exercise was a vital part of our daily schedule and outside meetings to Austin were an enjoyable way to get back into the world and connect to others in the fellowship. In the end, it was hard to believe how fast the time went. I felt stronger and could see the growth in my fellow brothers. Everyone put solid work into their recovery and it was satisfying to become aware of our transformations. It was tough to say goodbye, but I was nervously excited to resume my life.Since leaving the Last Resort, I moved into a sober home in Austin and have begun to live my life based on the spiritual principles I learned through treatment. With a new sense of freedom I’ve focused on my moment-to-moment experiences while forming new connections with other people in sobriety. I’m amazed with the level of peace I have in my life today and I’m truly grateful to be alive. The spiritual tools I acquired at the Last Resort along with guidance from higher power have brought me joy again and an ability to stay in the present moment. Although I don’t have much money, I can honestly say that I am happy. I’m not sure where I’ll go in the future, but I’m prepared to handle my emotions and willing to grow in my sobriety. Life is a beautiful mystery. I will never know all the answers, but I will look inside myself to find the truth and share my love and experience with all of those along their own journey.- Zach W.

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