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Need Help Detoxing From Percocets?

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Becky Babb

Need Help Detoxing From Percocets?

    There are several options for people looking to detox from percocets (also known as oxycodone). Rapid opiate detox at a medical facility includes being put under anesthesia, being monitored by the doctors, and being given medication to cleanse the brain of percocets. This takes about 48 hours. Home detox can take a week or two to fully detox, and is slightly more dangerous. For most cases, it is recommended that the detox be treated in a medical facility. Seek advice from your doctor about your plans for detox, especially if you plan to try and accomplish it on your own. They may be able to prescribe you clonidine or buprenorphine to help manage the withdrawal symptoms.The actual detox process can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks depending on your level of use. Your body has to get used to the absence of the percocets in its central nervous system, learning how to work without the percocet it has integrated into the normal functioning of the body. While your body goes through this process, you can experience withdrawal effects like anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia, tingling and numbness, chills, flushed skin, irritation, sweats, depression, increased heart rate, and restlessness.Many people can decide to detox at home. The key to having a successful home detox is having someone be there with you to make sure there are no complications and to help provide moral support. If you are psychologically dependent on percocet, you should work on preparing yourself for the next steps of treatment. Detox only treats the physical side of the addiction, not the emotional and psychological reasons behind it. If you are not psychologically dependent, you can work with a physician as an outpatient. You can get the same process of a clinical detox, but be able to be at home. There are many ways to support the withdrawal symptoms in your house, like NSAIDs, hot water bottles, baths, and other comforting things. Just be prepared ahead of time by knowing what detox is going to feel like, and how to be ready if something goes wrong.Clinical detox involves 3 steps. It begins with evaluation, as caregivers test and measure the percocet in your body and look at any physical conditions that may cause problems while detoxing. They may also set up a treatment option for after detox. Next comes stabilization, where they clear opiate receptors of the oxycodone and help the body operate in a more normal state by supplying naloxone or buprenorphine. The last stage, the follow through, addresses any psychological issues that may have compelled the use in the first place. For most cases, the clinical detox takes about 48 hours to leave room for monitoring after the detox is complete.Addiction can be difficult, and recovery a battle that shouldn’t be fought alone. Call us to get the support you need. The Last Resort can provide a safe place for you to realize your inner strength while recovering. You don’t have to be alone. Call for help today.

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