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Recovery Inside ACL Live

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Becky Babb

Recovery Inside ACL Live

    As we have all experienced, there are times when life hits you square between the eyes. Whether our expectations fall short​, or we experience an obstacle on a relationship, life happens. In recovery we have all learned a set of tools, through the 12 steps, to help guide us through these moments. For example, yesterday in my own recovery, I had one of those moments. Luckily a few weeks back, I was walking downtown and crossed the ticket box for ACL Live at Moody Theatre. As I turned to see who was playing next on the calendar, I saw a favorite band of mine jump out at me from the show board. Instead of calling around to see who’d like to join me, I thought, “what the hell” and bought one ticket. So, with life coming at me full force yesterday, I left work, drove downtown, stopped by Starbucks to grab a quick cup of coffee and headed for the show.Sitting in the balcony waiting for the band to take the stage, my mind raced with everything that has recently unveiled in my life. I was future “tripping”, replaying the past and envisioning scenarios in my head that would probably never happen. If you’re like me, you know this is not the best place for a young man in recovery to be. But as soon as the Tedeschi Trucks Band took the stage and Derek Trucks plucked the first chord on his guitar, my mind stopped. I sat and listened to one of the greatest guitarists of our time, as his wife Susan Tedeschi Trucks’ voice belted out with such depth, soul and passion​ I was instantly brought back to reality. Not knowing the person sitting to my left or right, I became lost, hearing the husband and wife duo play together on stage; I was in the present moment. I was present to see the musicians, husband and wife, on stage doing what they love, for the people who love their music, and being completely in love with each other. I was overcome by a sense of ease and comfort, and for the next two hours I completely forgot about life and focused my attention on the band for the whole set. With Derek on guitar and Susan on vocals, I became still and content with life, and everything around me seemed a little bit simpler.​Look, I know a concert at ACL Live is not the cure to my problems and life will happen again tomorrow. I am also certain recovery should always have a backbone built on the 12-Steps, fellowship, a higher power, and working with others, but sometimes recovery looks like dancing to The Tedeschi Trucks Band by yourself in section 6 seat 409 inside ACL Live.Austin Berry – Director of AdmissionsThe Last Resort Resort Recovery CenterWhere Men Recover

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