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Rehab vs Addiction: Which Costs More?

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Becky Babb

Rehab vs Addiction: Which Costs More?

    There are quite a few deterrents that hold people back from seeking treatment for addiction. One of the biggest is the often high monetary cost of rehab. And while that obstacle is usually not as large as it seems—there are a lot of treatment options, and not all of them cost the same—it’s important to remember that continuing your drug abuse is costly as well.In fact, it’ll probably cost you a lot more than treatment would. It can cost you your home, your family, your friends. You’ll spend all your money on your drug habit, and even if you do overcome it without treatment, you’ll likely be facing multiple debts. Addicts who do not accept treatment until they hit rock bottom face a lot of financial crises, stemming from legal issues, a long period of unemployment, and health issues.Mental health care experts agree that financial stress is a primary factor in depression and anxiety throughout the United States. Maintaining sobriety is hard even when you have all the money in the world. When you’re overwhelmed by debt, bad credit, medical costs, and so forth, maintaining a positive attitude can seemingly become a downright impractical endeavor. Far-fetched as it may sound, there’s always a way to pay for treatment in the Western world. That’s no accident: The federal government recognizes how devastating addiction is for the country, and that it is well-worth the investment of assistance programs to make treatment available. The tricky part is making people aware of their options. It takes patience, research, and open-minded conversation with professionals to work out a treatment plan that is both affordable and effective.It is when we abandon hope that we are truly robbed of our most valuable assets. When it comes to comes to addiction, there is no greater loss than our very lives. Hold onto hope that there is a way to manage the cost of treatment. The hope of managing the cost of continued addiction is much less manageable.If you’re interested in our approach to addiction treatment here at The Last Resort, explore our website or call us at 512-750-6750 for further information. If you like what you see, and all that’s holding you back is the cost, we urge you to discuss your options with your medical insurance provider as well as your own personal physician.

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