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Step 6 – Accepting What Comes Next

Written By:

Becky Babb

Step 6 – Accepting What Comes Next

    Until you accept a problem in its entirety, and shoo away all excuses and justifications, you cannot, and will not, overcome it. Just because you’ve accepted that your behavior is destructive doesn’t mean you’re suddenly ready to part ways with it. After all, you’re addicted because, on some level, the lifestyle serves you in some way. Your old habits are like an old friend that is hard to say goodbye to. In order to move forward in your new life of recovery, however, eventually those shortcomings will need to be addressed and worked through. This is the basis for Step 6—or, in a broader sense, steps 4-7 of the traditional 12 step program: address the personal issues, shortcomings and character defects that encouraged your alcoholism and become ready, then ask, for help in removing them.Around 12 step rooms there is a saying that “You can get a horse thief sober, but you still have a horse thief.” Or another way of putting it, “You can take the rum out of the fruit cake, but you still have a fruit cake.” Simply abstaining from alcohol is a challenge, no doubt, but abstinence without substantive introspection and personal development rarely yields long-term success. Not drinking is simply not enough.You’re not expected to become entirely ready to tackle the strongest, most deeply rooted defective characteristics right off the bat. Additionally, the idea that all of these defects will be instantaneously removed is nothing short of fantasy. However, you are expected to want to get there and do the ongoing work it takes to stay aware of these issues, address them when they come up, and learn to properly manage them if they get out of hand. Step 6 takes a lot of willingness, humbleness and humility. Not many who have thoroughly followed the path of the steps have had much complaint. Rigorous honesty is demanded to truly face oneself and transform into the better person we can be. Step 6 is one of those transformational steps.To get a sense of our approach to addiction here at The Last Resort, please explore our website. For further information, feel free to give us a call: (512)-360-3600.

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