The Last Resort Awarded State Licensure

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Becky Babb

The Last Resort Awarded State Licensure

    Austin, Texas – The Texas Department of State Health Service announced the full licensing of 35 specialized alcohol and drug treatment beds for a nationally recognized, state of the art facility located outside of Austin.  The Last Resort specializes in treatment services for men recovering from alcohol and other drug addictions. The new licensing supports Intensive and Supportive Residential Treatment as well as Outpatient Services. Licensing opens the way for insurance coverage while also affording the clinical staff a deeper array of treatment services it plans to introduce.

    The 50-acre facility has been operational for the past year drawing men from as far away as California and New York. The program stands out as a 12 StepImmersion Model of Treatment where clients become actively engaged in their own recovery immediately upon admission.  In making the announcement, co-founder Cole Shiflet commented, “Our core model has already proved tremendously successful with the men we serve, but this new licensing means we can now do even more.”  Some of the “more” includes tackling developmental issues that often underlie or accompany addiction. Addressing these, The Last Resort’s Clinical Director Todd Dugas said, “We know men in recovery have needs that are very different from women. We can now perform clinical interventions to help a man heal some of the core wounds that may have been keeping him stuck and perhaps sabotaging his past recovery attempts.

    The Last Resort co-founders Bill and Ann Schneider bring in-depth health care experience and dedication to the new program. They previously owned and operated The Life Healing Center of Santa Fe guiding the New Mexico facility to become the nationally recognized leader in trauma resolution with steady referrals from Betty Ford, Hazelden, Carron Foundation, and other industry leaders. “We learned how traumas can impact recovery and how quality programming and a healthy and dedicated staff can make all the difference. We want to help the men who come to us identify the areas of their life that aren’t working and need to change. We’re committed to providing them the resources they need to become the recovered men they and their families want them to be. ”

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