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The Phenomenon of Doctor Shopping Surges Pill Addictions

Written By:

Becky Babb

The Phenomenon of Doctor Shopping Surges Pill Addictions

    Doctor shopping is a growing problem in the United States. It is a fairly common, yet illegal way for addicts to get prescription drugs for use that is not related to medical injury or pain. Doctor shopping is when an addict decides to visit several different doctors or facilities for the same medication. From there, they usually fill the prescriptions at different pharmacies to acquire the desired amount of medication. Doctor shopping allows people to get more of a prescribed drug than any singular doctor, facility, or pharmacy would regularly allow. This problem is quite serious, and is treated as a felony. In some cases, doctor shopping is punishable by up to five years in prison.This way of gaining access to pills is a growing problem, and pill addiction is growing because of the ease of access. Doctor shopping is an extremely common method for addicts to get more prescriptions than recommended. What’s worse is that the problem usually begins with legitimate use. The soon-to-be addict is prescribed a medicine by their doctor and, before they realize it, they become addicted. Many people do not realize that just because your doctor prescribes it does not mean you are safe or that addiction is not a possibility. When you become addicted, you rationalize the behavior of doctor shopping as a necessary evil to help you manage your pain and stay in control of your life. What you do not realize is how you are throwing yourself into a deeper pit to crawl out of. Pain medication has the highest risk for dependency, and you need to be aware.If you do find yourself addicted, do not feel like it is hopeless. There are many facilities and treatments that can help you become the healthier, happier person you were before addiction took hold of your life. Addiction is not a moral failing; it is a mental illness that needs care and treatment to help you regain your sanity and peace of mind. Call (512) 750-6750 for more information. The Last Resort is a facility to help you recover in a safe, loving environment of trained professionals. No one has to recover on their own.

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