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Why Recovering Addicts Make Great Dads

Written By:

Becky Babb

Why Recovering Addicts Make Great Dads

    Why Recovering Addicts Make Great DadsThe disease of addiction is often characterized as one of “selfishness and self-centeredness.” Individuals in active addiction prioritize their substance use to such an extent that they are unable to behave in a way that demonstrates love and concern for the people that surround them, despite their best intentions. However, the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous states that “Our very lives, as ex-problem drinkers, depend upon our constant thought of others and how we may help meet their needs. “Therefore, individuals who have embraced a program of recovery, and the way of life that that entails, are perfectly suited to the demands of fatherhood. Often driven by a sense of gratitude, fathers in recovery will work ceaselessly to better themselves and their families. To watch a man who could barely be successful at staying alive and maintaining a drug habit become a father with a renewed sense of purpose is a truly amazing experience.

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