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Will Outpatient Treatment Work for You?

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Becky Babb

Will Outpatient Treatment Work for You?

    The reasons that lead us to addiction can be as varied as how an individual reacts to different drugs or circumstances. Outpatient rehabilitation treatment is something that can be beneficial for most people, but it’s not guaranteed rehab will be the solution that works. In more extreme cases of addiction, where the addict is a danger to themselves and others, inpatient rehab may be recommended.At the end of the day, outpatient treatment is cheaper and more schedule-friendly when needing an outlet to address dependence and other addiction issues. Are you a candidate for outpatient rehab treatment?If you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol then you can benefit from outpatient rehab treatment. A few basic requirements should be met before you commit, however:

    • Reliable transportation to and from the outpatient rehab center
    • Possess a high level of motivation to complete the program once you start
    • A positive support system in place to support you during the hard times to come

    How do you determine a problem with drugs or alcohol exists?Signs of addiction/dependence:

    • When unable to do drugs or drink alcohol, you experience withdrawal symptoms; physically dependent
    • You make excuses for your drug or alcohol use
    • You can’t stop using drugs on your own, even when you’ve tried multiple times
    • You know it’s destructive, but still cannot stop drinking or using
    • You are prone to regular mood swings and/or violent behavior
    • Is your habit causing problems with your family, your health, the law, or your financial status

    What can you expect from outpatient rehab treatment?You are free to come and go, you continue living at home.Most programs range from 6-20 hours of commitment per week on your part. A successful program will include at least 3 of these elements:

    • Individual therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Support Group attendance (12-step programs)
    • Family therapy

    Why should you go to outpatient rehab treatment?

    • It’s more affordable than inpatient treatment.
    • You can be most productive, with targeted therapeutic models.
    • You’ll learn to cope with your problems without turning to alcohol or drugs.
    • Improved health without drugs and alcohol in your life.
    • Regained trust from your loved ones.

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