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5 Things to Look for in a Drug Rehab Facility

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Becky Babb

5 Things to Look for in a Drug Rehab Facility

No two drug rehab facilities are alike. They all offer comprehensive addiction recovery programs, but the similarities end there. Some facilities resemble high-end resort spas. Others are more utilitarian, taking a hand-on participatory approach in which patients do routine housekeeping chores. Their methodologies can vary as much as the natures of the facilities themselves. When you finally decide to seek help for your substance addiction problem, you will be faced with many options for drug rehab facilities and you will need to select a facility and program that work best for you.

Things to Look for in a Drug Rehab Facility

Apart from examining and getting comfortable with the physical facility itself, you should ask some questions and do your research on the following matters.

  1. Are the recovery programs that are offered at the facility certified by any substance abuse treatment organizations? Certification will give you assurances as to the quality level of the programs. Programs that are not certified also might not be covered by your health insurance.
  2. Will a recovery program be customized for your specific substance abuse problem? Just as no two facilities are alike, no two alcoholics or drug addicts are alike. One-size-fits-all programs that do not address your specific issues will not be as successful for you as a customized program.
  3. Can your family support structure be involved in your rehab? Inpatient programs will have you living apart from your family, but you will eventually reintegrate yourself with them. That reintegration will be a better continuation of your rehab if your family is involved from the beginning of the process. In many cases, both the addict and his family will need some form of rehab for assurances of a successful recovery.
  4. How does the facility manage and administer care after you have checked out? Your stay in a rehab facility is only the beginning of what will likely be a very long recovery process. You will be wasting your time if the facility focuses only on providing therapy while you are under inpatient care.
  5. How does the facility document your treatment and your response to that treatment? Again, the recovery that you continue after you have checked out of a facility will be critical in your achieving full sobriety. You may well need additional care, in which case your treatment records will provide a foundation for that care for therapists and counselors who work with you after you have checked out of the facility.

Talk to as many qualified individuals as you can when you are selecting a rehab facility, including your physician, and therapists you have been seeing, probation officers, and other individuals who have regular contact with rehab facilities. You will make the best decision if you receive full information about every facility you are considering.

If you are still confused after you have conducted all of your research, please contact the Last Resort Recovery Center near Austin, Texas, at 512-360-3600. We can provide information on a variety of different rehab facilities, both in and outside of your community. We will also provide an honest assessment of your substance abuse problems and we can recommend facilities that provide the optimal treatment programs for those problems.

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