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Addiction Denial—How Can I Help My Loved One?

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Becky Babb

Addiction Denial—How Can I Help My Loved One?

What can I do if a member of my family or a loved one is denying their addiction? If you’re worried for your son, husband, brother, father, or other loved one, it can be hard to know how to support them. After all, people who are struggling with drug addiction have a very difficult time admitting their problem. Even in 2014, drug addiction can carry a serious stigma. Even though your loved one is the victim of a disease called “drug addiction,” they can still feel self-conscious about admitting it. So that’s why so many loved ones end up in addiction denial. But the good news is that as a loved one you’re in a perfect position to help them admit their problem and overcome it. Click here to learn more about drug addiction and your family.

Addiction Denial and My Loved One

Addiction Denial—How Can I Help My Loved One?

What’s the first step when a loved one of mine is struggling with addiction denial? You’re in a tough position when your loved one is struggling with drug addiction. You want to see them get help, but it’s hard to approach them to talk about how you can help them. But a lot of the awkwardness or anxiety can be helped by always focusing on the fact that you’re there to help them. You love them, you deeply care about them, and you’re concerned for them and their welfare. If you keep emphasizing how much you are supporting them and helping them, it can become a lot easier to bring up the topic of addiction. From there, it can be a lot easier to help them consider the drug rehab that can save their lives.

Intervention, Rehab, and Recovery

What do I do if my loved one is in the midst of addiction denial and doesn’t want to hear about my offer of help? If your loved one – whether it’s your son, husband, brother, father, or other loved one – is deep enough in addiction denial, they might not even listen to you if you approach them emphasizing how much you’re there to help. That’s where a drug intervention can be the right choice. But remember that a drug intervention intervention can be a very delicate situation. So remember to get a professional interventionist to help you and your loved one navigate addiction and denial. Click here to learn more about drug interventions.

The Right Choice for Men’s Rehab in Texas

Where can my loved one go to work past their addiction denial? When your loved one is able to finally admit that they have a problem, remember that the best solution to their problem is the right course of drug rehab. Here at Last Resort Recovery, we offer you the highest quality drug rehab, helping you and your loved ones find a way out of addiction. For Dallas, Houston, Austin, and all of Texas, Last Resort Recovery is your top choice for men’s rehab. Click here to learn more about our Austin, TX based rehab.

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