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How Alcohol Effects Academics for Your Son

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Becky Babb

How Alcohol Effects Academics for Your Son

What can I do if my son is abusing alcohol and it impacts his academics or grades? Millions of young people all over the country are struggling with abusing alcohol, sometimes even to the extent of suffering from addiction or alcoholism. Of course you know that your son drinking too much can cause problems, but have you thought about how alcohol can impact his studies, his academics, or his grades? Not only is this an important area of his life that can be harmed with alcohol, but it can also serve as a warning sign. For example, if your son’s GPA starts dropping, it might be time to check in with him about alcohol. Click here to learn more about how your son can tell if he might be dealing with alcoholism.

Alcohol Impacts Studies, Can Be Deadly

How Alcohol Effects Academics for Your Son

Alcohol’s health effects are well known. Too much drinking (and alcoholism) can lead to liver diseases, brain damage, injuries, car crashes, or dangerous sex (which can lead to STDs or unwanted pregnancy). But new studies are also showing that even if these extreme health effects don’t happen, alcohol can still severely damage your son’s academic performance. It can lead to lower grades or what’s called “academic impairment.” Click here to learn more about how dangerous drinking can impact your son’s high school or academic career.

How to Beat Alcoholism?

But how can I help my son recover from too much drinking or alcoholism? Many parents aren’t sure what the best way is to help their son quit his dangerous drinking. But alcoholism is an addiction, and the best remedy for addiction is a high-quality course of rehab at a facility that understands his needs and knows how to support him. Medications and therapy have proven to be effective in the treatment of all forms of addiction. Together, you and your son can help him get clean and get his life—and his grades—back.

Men’s Alcohol Rehab in Texas for Your Son

How can my son quit drinking? Last Resort Recovery is the men’s rehab center in Austin, Texas that can help you. We can help your son overcome addiction. For high school students in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, college students (at University of Texas, UT-Austin, or others), Last Resort Recovery can help overcome drinking habits. Click here to learn more about The Last Resort admissions process.

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