Alcohol and Your Son: Young People Drink More than Anyone

What can I do if my son is drinking too much? Millions of Americans are drinking to dangerous levels, putting their health at risk. And unfortunately, statistics show that young people are the ones that are most at-risk for alcohol disorders. This often comes about because of a culture that encourages drinking (especially in college), peer pressure, or even simple curiosity. Regardless of the reason, alcohol disorders are alarmingly high among people aged 18-24. And so millions of parents have to face a horrible question: what to do when your child is struggling with alcoholism? Click here to learn more about how alcohol impacts your son’s academic future.

Alcohol Disorders Peak at Age 18-24

Alcohol and Your Son: Young People Drink More than Anyone

According to numbers released by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), alcohol abuse is alarmingly high among young people—especially young men. “Young people ages 18–24 had the highest rates of co-occurring alcohol and other drug use disorders. Men were more likely than women to have problems with alcohol, drugs, or the two substances combined.” In fact, the prevalence of alcohol abuse disorders reached almost 20% of the young men aged 18-24. Ask yourself, is your son part of this 20%? Click here to learn more about the statistics surrounding alcohol and drug abuse.

How to Fight Alcoholism

What’s the best way to help my son with alcohol? First of all, asking this question is a good step in the right direction. From there, it’s important that you help your son get the help he needs at a drug rehab or alcohol rehab center. By choosing alcohol treatment, you’re ensuring that your son is in good hands, with people who know how to take care of him and support him as he overcomes addiction. And inside an alcohol rehab center, he’s removed far away from all temptations, so you know he won’t be able to drink.

Men’s Alcohol Rehab in Texas for Your Son

Where can my son go for alcohol rehab? Last Resort Recovery is your number one choice for men’s rehab in Texas. For Dallas, Houston, Austin, and the rest of Texas, we can support your son as he recovers his life. Whether he’s in high school, or at the University of Texas (including UT-Austin), Texas A&M, University of Houston, or University of North Texas, Last Resort Recovery will help him stop drinking. Click here to learn more about our 12-step program for rehab.