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Alcoholism: How Do I Know My Limits?

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Becky Babb

Alcoholism: How Do I Know My Limits?

How do I know if I’m drinking too much? Millions of Americans struggle with an addiction to, or chemical dependence on, alcohol: alcoholism. But in controlled consumption and moderation, alcohol can be safe to use. How do you know the difference between drinking that’s okay, and dangerous drinking? What does alcoholism look like? Luckily there are tell-tale warning signs that can help guide you. What can I do about alcoholism? If you think you might be drinking too much, particularly in college, you should seek treatment. Drug and alcohol rehab can help you get clean and stay clean. Click here to learn about the top 3 reasons men need to watch out for addiction.

What Are the Warning Signs of Alcoholism?

Alcoholism: How Do I Know My Limits?

Do I drink too much? It can be hard to tell when you’ve gone over the edge, particularity in an environment (like college) where people are drinking frequently. But there are some warning signs that can help you figure out if you have a problem:•if someone insists on drinking even when it’s dangerous to themselves or others•if someone breaks the law while drunk•if someone ignores their obligations at work, home or school because of alcohol•if someone insists that they don’t have a problem•if someone needs alcohol to function or “feel normal”Click here to learn more about alcoholism.

College is Often a Time of Alcohol Abuse

Is my son in danger of alcoholism in college? It is true that alcohol is a huge part of many people’s college experiences. What’s a frat without keg parties? What’s a party without booze? And though legal-aged, moderate drinking can be safe, the tragic truth is that too much drinking in college is dangerous drinking, underage drinking, or even toxic drinking. If your son is in college and drinking too much, now is the to help him get the help he needs to make his journey toward recovery.

Alcohol Rehab for Men in Texas

Where can my son go for alcohol rehab in Texas? Your son deserves the best in college alcohol rehab in Texas. That’s why Last Resort Recovery offers the support and brotherhood he needs to get clean and stay that way. Whether your son is at the University of Texas (including UT-Austin), Texas A&M, University of Houston, or University of North Texas, Last Resort Recovery can help him beat alcoholism. Click here to learn more about our alcoholism 12-step recovery program.

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