Austin Drug Dealer Arrested, Major Drug Kingpin Off Streets

How do drug dealers contribute to the rise of drug addiction? If you’re suffering from an addiction to drugs such as meth, cocaine, heroin, PCP, marijuana, or Molly – or abused prescription painkillers such as OxyContin, Percocet, or Vicodin – you probably wish you knew what to do to fight addiction. The primary ways that addiction is encouraged or fostered in this country is through the network of drug traffickers and dealers. These drug dealers push their products on people, often at an early age or in schools. Now, one of Austin, Texas’ most wanted drug dealers has finally been arrested for allegedly selling crack cocaine. Click here to learn more about how meth addiction is destroying families all over Texas.

Most-Wanted Austin Dealer Caught and Arrested

A major Austin, TX drug dealer has been apprehended and arrested. KVUE reports, “After tracking [him] for hours from his home in South Austin using APD’s Air One Helicopter and K-9 units, [he] was arrested without incident on Aug.14 [He] was one of the Metro Tactical Unit’s top five most wanted offenders.” And though this means a major Austin drug dealer is off the streets, it doesn’t mean that the tide of drugs will lessen. Downtown Austin Commander Troy Officer said, “I am not under the false belief that if we put two or three people in jail we’ll stop drug dealing downtown, but I promise you that we will continue to put people in jail who sell drugs downtown.”

What Can I Do to Fight Addiction?

How can I overcome drug addiction? When you are suffering from an addiction to cocaine, crack cocaine, meth, heroin, or OxyContin, Percocet, or Vicodin, things may seem hopeless. When a drug dealer has got you hooked, it can be difficult to overcome drug addiction. But, there is help available. The right program of drug addiction rehab at a high-quality drug rehab center can help you change your life and overcome addiction. Drug rehab can help you detox, make it through withdrawal symptoms, participate in individual and group therapy, and retrain your habits to live a sober life. When you want a way out from the drug lifestyle represented by drug dealers and junkies, remember that drug rehab is the best option for overcoming addiction.

The Right Choice in Addiction Rehab

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