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Avoiding Marijuana Relapse

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Becky Babb

Avoiding Marijuana Relapse

Marijuana addiction is real, believe it or not, with real withdrawal symptoms. Putting down the glass bowl for good can be a real struggle for some people. Besides group meetings and therapy, the following are a some tips for resisting the urge to smoke.

Ditch the paraphernalia

Any glassware or smoking devices, no matter how expensive or artistic, need to go. If you have posters, movies, or other media related to marijuana or marijuana subculture, it may be a good idea to toss, or set aside, those as well.

Own your sobriety

Work on making your new, sober identity a proud one. Be open about your sobriety with friends. if you feel uncomfortable in a situation—like when all your friends are smoking—you have good reason to walk away. You don’t have to be the downer. Explain that you’d just rather not be tempted, and it’s no big deal.

Make new friends

If the temptation is bad enough, you’re going to have to look for different friends. It’s an opportunity to better yourself in the process. Volunteer somewhere, pick up a second job, or take some sort of class—you’ll meet people.

Avoid arguments

Anger and frustration are some of the biggest relapse triggers. After fights, you’ll be tempted to smoke the stress away. If you’re someone who gets into a lot of them, try to keep vigilant and anticipate that, no matter irritated you may, you’ll simply walk away, because no issue with anyone, no matter how justified, is worth your sobriety.

Try yoga or meditation

Both are natural, healthy ways to relax. Unlike pot, yoga and meditation don’t just offer temporary relief. They have real, positive effects on brain function and preservation.

Change up details in your life

Steer clear of synaptic connections that trigger cravings by switching up the routes you take on a daily basis. Even something as trivial as switching to a different brand of peanut butter can help. If you can’t seem to quit pot no matter how hard you try, and you get panicky or depressed without it, it may be time to talk with a psychiatrist and get to the bottom of the issue. The need to smoke is sometimes the sign of an underlying mental health issue that, now that it’s revealed, can finally be treated.

At the Last Resort, we take marijuana addiction seriously. To read testimony from those who have fought the addiction and won, browse our blog archives. To learn more about this psychiatric illness and what we can do to help, give us a call at 512.575.4710.

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