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Bath Salts: Hugely Popular Drugs Among Teens

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Becky Babb

Bath Salts: Hugely Popular Drugs Among Teens

What can I do if my son is using bath salts? If your son is into using bath salts, or other synthetic drugs, you should know that you’re not alone. Millions of young people all over America are experiencing the addiction to bath salts. And new studies show that they may even be more potent and addictive than previously thought. But if you learn what you need to know about bath salts, then you can learn how to help with your son’s troubles with addiction to bath salts. And if your son isn’t addicted, this can serve as a warning about how dangerous bath salts are. Click here to learn more about how to tell if your son is addicted.

Bath Salts: Hugely Popular Drugs Among Teens

The High Cost of Bath Salts Usage

Bath salts are derived from an African leaf called “khat,” which is commonly chewed for a high in the Horn of Africa. Symptoms of bath salt use include elevated heart rate and blood pressure, psychotic behavior, agitation, loss of control and hallucination, anxiety, euphoria, and hyper-activity. And in 2011, the last year for which data was available, bath salts caused 23,000 ER visits. People who used bath salts reported seizures, high blood pressure, and heart problems. And bath salts might even cause violent behavior. We all remember the famous story in 2012 when a man in Florida took bath salts and ate part of a homeless man’s face—the so-called “zombie attack.” Click here to learn more about bath salts.

What Can I Do About Bath Salts Addiction?

What can my son do about bath salt addiction? Unfortunately, bath salts are highly addictive. In fact, a new study published in Neuropharmacology showed evidence that bath salts are actually more addictive than meth. This result might not surprise someone who’s experienced bath salts addiction, however. Fortunately, there are things that you can do about addiction. A good program of drug addiction rehab can help your son kick the habit and turn his life around. With rehab, your son can conquer addiction to bath salts.

High-Quality Men’s Rehab in TX

Where can I go for high-quality rehab in TX? Last Resort Recovery offers you the best in men’s rehab, for Dallas, Houston, Austin, and all of Texas. We can help your son overcome his addiction and turn his life around. Here, at men’s rehab, your son can partner with a brotherhood of likeminded men to pursue recovery. Click here to learn more about how mothers can help their sons get rehab.

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