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How Do I Find the Best Alcohol Rehab Program For Men?

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Becky Babb

How Do I Find the Best Alcohol Rehab Program For Men?

You might be doing yourself a disservice when you ask the specific question “how do I find the best alcohol rehab program”. You will find any number of answers to that question as well as multiple recommendations for rehab centers that someone else has judged to offer “the best rehab program”. If you are seeking to recover from alcoholism, you will know that you and all other alcoholics are suffering from a disease. The course and effects of that disease are as different as the many people who suffer from it. Because alcoholism affects different people in different ways, the better question when you are seeking treatment is “what is the best alcohol program for me.”

Finding the Best Alcohol Rehab Program for Men

Alcohol rehab programs generally share a number of characteristics, including the ultimate goal of helping their patients to recover from their disease and to achieve genuine lifelong sobriety. They might work toward this goal through implementation of 12-step programs, behavioral and group therapy, meditation, outdoor or nature programs, or demanding physical activities.Some programs offer intense structures that fill every hour of a recovering alcoholic’s day. But of course, others are more free-form. This freedom allows a participant to select activities that best meshes with his or her needs and desires. Your personality and the path that led to your alcoholism will dictate the best program for you. As difficult as it may be to do the research when you are seeking your best rehab program, you will give yourself a much greater opportunity to recover from your disease if you find and opt for a program that coincides with your personality and that talks to your specific problems.

Research your Alcohol Rehab Options

Doing that research on the best alcohol rehab program for men is a matter of asking a few simple questions. Ask your family and friends to help you with this if you feel that you cannot evaluate the programs on your own. They may see things in one or another program that you might miss, and they can help guide you in the best direction. Some of your questions can be:

  • What treatment options are available through a program (e.g. individual or group therapy, meditation, etc.)?
  • What methods do the therapists and counselors rely upon?
  • Does the program endorse the use of any medications or pharmaceutical therapies?
  • Are treatments customized for individuals, or does the program use a one-size-fits-all approach?
  • What goals and expectations will the program place upon you?
  • Is the program affiliated with or accredited by any state or other governmental entities?
  • How does the program evaluate and measure its progress and successes?
  • How does the program treat participants who suffer a relapse?

You can come up with your own questions to address your specific needs and concerns. Your best course of action will be to ask as many questions as you can. You should also get yourself as familiar with each program as possible. Often, you will get a gut feeling that tells you whether a particular program is right for you. If you are unable to decide based on objective answers to your question, trust your instincts. When you compare multiple options, the best rehab program for you will be obvious.

Take Your First Step Toward Recovery

If you have made it as far as searching for the right rehab program to address your own alcoholism, you should congratulate yourself on having taken the first major step toward a permanent recovery. The Last Resort Recovery offers a range of mens addiction treatment programs, including:

If you have further questions about finding the best alcohol rehab program for men, please call the Last Resort Recovery Center (near Austin, Texas) at (512) 750-6750. We provide support and encouragement for men who desire to turn their lives around and to defeat their alcohol addiction.

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