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Christian Based Drug Rehab

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Christian Based Drug Rehab - Last Resort Recovery

Even when they do not directly incorporate Christian principles, 12-step addiction recovery programs and other rehab therapies will frequently include thematic elements that have a basis in Christianity. Individuals can go through a drug or alcohol detox and learn coping techniques to keep them away from addictive substances, but research has shown that the most successful recovering addicts are those who are able to reach outside of themselves and to turn to their own higher power to seek and find recovery assistance. Rather than blurring or obscuring Christian themes, Christian based drug rehab brings those themes to the forefront of a drug addict’s rehab efforts. Addicts who believe that their recoveries will benefit from overt Christian principles will be best served if they enroll in a Christian based drug rehab program.

Christian Based Drug Rehab

Christian based programs will include all of the elements of a more secular program, including medically-supervised detox and behavioral therapy. Elements of Christianity will be incorporated into the program through regular Bible study and individual and group prayer sessions. Many recovering addicts find that these sessions give them a greater ability to reach out to the Christian God that is their higher power. Turning to and relying on that higher power is often the most crucial step that a recovering addict can take to achieve true sobriety.Christian based drug rehab will not be appropriate for every recovering addict. Drug addiction frequently instills strong negative and self-centered sensibilities in an afflicted individual. If an addict does not have some grounding in Christian principles before he enters a Christian based rehab program, his drug-fueled negativity may cause him to shut down and reject the rehab staff’s efforts to bring him into a Christian fold. An individual who enters a Christian based rehab facility but then discovers that the facility’s program is not reaching through to him will be better served by finding a more secular program.For those individuals who are amenable to Christian themes, a Christian based drug rehab program will inevitably work wonders. Drug rehab and sobriety are frightening prospects for many addicts. By the time an addict enters rehab, drugs will have controlled such a major portion of his life that he will have no concept of how to survive without them. His fears will be enhanced by concerns over losing friends and relationships that were cemented over years of drug use. The spiritual elements of Christian based rehab address these fears and concerns head-on. Individuals who do not have a foundation in Christianity or spirituality will have difficulty in understanding this philosophy, but those who do have that foundation almost universally report that Christianity and spirituality give them the strength not only to face their fears, but also to direct their focus away from their own problems to help others who are similarly afflicted.Drug addicts who have made the wise decision to enter a rehab program and who are interested in a Christian based rehab center can talk to their physicians, clergymen, and addiction counselors for recommendations on finding the best center for them.

If you are interested in a Christian based drug rehab program but have been unable to find one that suits your needs, please contact the Last Resort Recovery Center near Austin, Texas, at 512-360-3600. We can give you several recommendations and provide additional assistance to locate the center and program that will respond to your desires for a spiritual recovery.

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