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College Alcoholism—Dangerous for All Involved

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Becky Babb

College Alcoholism—Dangerous for All Involved

What can I do to fight against college alcoholism? If you’re a college-aged young adult, then odds are you are more than acquainted with drinking. Over 80% of all college students drink while during their time at university, and fully half of them admit to binge-drinking. And drinking problems are associated with all kinds of terrible side effects. For example, drinking is linked with huge amounts of health damage to kidneys, liver, lungs, brain, and heart. And drinking also increases the risk for all kinds of negative behaviors, including DUIs and drunk driving, violence, rape, and date rape. Click here to learn more about the warning signs of alcoholism.

Binge-Drinking and Violence in College

College Alcoholism—Dangerous for All Involved

College is widespread. “Everybody’s drinking to get drunk,” says Dr. Sharon Levy, who’s a pediatrician and the director of the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. “Kids tell me this is how they socialize with friends.” If you need to have alcohol to socialize with your friends, what does that do to you long-term? University students who drink too much have lower grades, lower reports of happiness or satisfaction, and more health problems and run-ins with the cops. Don’t become the next name on the news. You can overcome college alcoholism, and the best way to do that is with the right course of alcohol rehab. Click here to learn more about the dangers of college drinking.

How Can I Fight Alcohol Abuse in College?

How can alcoholism rehab help me get past my college alcoholism? When you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol in college, remember that alcohol rehab is the best way to overcome it and learn to live in a sober way. Alcohol rehab can get you past the detox phase, through the symptoms of withdrawal, and make it through counseling and therapy to find your way to sobriety. And you don’t even have to drop out or quit college to get the rehab that you need. Almost any college will let you take a semester of medical leave, no questions asked. Once you get past alcoholism, then you can return to college and succeed in your academic career!

Where Can I Go for Effective Alcohol Rehab in Texas?

Where can I go for effective alcohol rehab in Texas? Here at Last Resort Recovery, we offer you the highest quality in alcoholism rehab for Texas. Whether you’re a student at University of Texas (including UT-Austin), Texas A&M, University of Houston, or University of North Texas, we can help you get past a drinking problem. For Austin, Dallas, Houston, and all of Texas, Last Resort Recovery is your top choice for men’s rehab. Click here to learn more about our 90-day rehab program.

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