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Designer Drugs and College Addiction—What Can Be Done

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Becky Babb

Designer Drugs and College Addiction—What Can Be Done

What can I do if I’m a college student and I’m struggling with an addiction to designer drugs? Right now, designer drugs are one of the most impressive and wide-ranging forms of substance abuse. People can do amazing things with designer drugs. For example, if you wanted the high of marijuana with the energy boost of cocaine in the first 20 minutes, you could get someone to design a drug for you. But designer drugs are wreaking havoc on America America’s colleges and universities. Any student can get a designer drug to get them high in exactly the way they want. But, unfortunately, there’s also a dark side to designer drug use. Because they’re often made of materials that are unknown to the person taking them, they can be deadly. Click here to learn more about Molly, a popular college drug.

Designer Drugs—Impressive Chemistry, Deadly Effects

Designer Drugs and College Addiction—What Can Be Done

What are designer drugs? The name designer drug is just a nickname for a class of drugs that don’t fit into neat categories like meth or heroin. Oftentimes they include highly advanced substances and world-class chemistry. Sometimes they’re designed in order to get around laws, using legal substances in order to create substances that produce illegal effects. And sometimes they’re just designed for the high that people want. College students might ask a drug designer to give them a drug that boosts energy like Adderall, but also gets them high like marijuana. That’s a drug that would be very popular at college parties. But, unfortunately, designer drugs can kill.

College Drug Abuse and College Drug Recovery

Why are designer drugs so dangerous on college campuses? There’s a culture of substance abuse in America’s colleges and universities. Students often drink to excess, or abuse drugs at shockingly high rates. And the flip side of that is that substances get mixed in rates that no one’s ever seen before. Alcohol with marijuana, cocaine with Adderall, and so on and so forth. But if you’ve learned anything about drug addiction or alcoholism, you’ve found out that mixing substances like that can be extremely dangerous. And because the designer drugs use ingredients that most people have never heard of, you don’t even know which substances you’re combining. It’s easy to put your life in danger.

Texas College Rehab

Where can I go for college designer drug help? When you’re ready to get past the addiction to designer drugs, drug rehab is your way out. At Last Resort Recovery, we offer the highest quality in college rehab in Texas so you can quit your designer drug addiction and get sober for life.

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