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Drug Trade Between Mexico and Texas—Crooked Cops Involved?

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Becky Babb

Drug Trade Between Mexico and Texas - Crooked Cops Involved?

What is the drug trade doing to Texas? Right now Texas is facing a drug crisis that’s leaving more and more people in dire condition. And a lot of the drug trade is fueled by Mexican cartels, which import most of the heroine and meth into Texas. But there is a darker side to this story, too. Not only are the drug dealers and distributors enabling addiction by trafficking the drugs across the Texas/Mexico border, but there are actually reports of border patrol agents or cops who are working with drug smugglers to bring drugs into Texas. And that’s contributing to the massive drug problem that Texas has. But if you’re struggling with addiction in Texas, you should know that it’s not all bad news. In fact, you don’t have to stay trapped in addiction. Texas rehab can help you recover from addiction and get your life back. Learn more about how cocaine addiction is rampant in Texas.

Drug Trade Between Mexico and Texas—Crooked Cops Involved?

Drug Dealers and Cartels Helped by Border Cops in TX

The Texas drug trade is a booming business. Experts estimate that millions if not billions of dollars of drugs flow from Mexico into Texas each year. These include such deadly addictive drugs is heroin, meth, and cocaine. But what you might not know about the Texas drug trade is the darker side. Right now, there have been disturbing reports of police officers or border patrol agents working with drug smugglers in order to bring the drugs into Texas. This works kind of like a mafia protection scheme – if you pay off the border guards, they can ensure that your drugs get across the border and get to the Texas customers who are addicted to these drugs. And though of course these crooked law enforcement agents should be cracked down on, the best way to fight the Texas drug trade is by reducing the demand.

The Real Answer to Drug Problems: Rehab

And rehab is the best way for people to stop being addicted to drugs and stop buying the drugs that are smuggled into Texas every day. The right course of rehab can help you not only get rid of the drugs that are in your system, but also build lifelong habits of sobriety and recovery goals. There’s no better way to overcome drug abuse than the right course of Texas rehab.

Your Best Choice for Texas Drug Rehab

Where can I go for Texas rehab? Last Resort Recovery is your top choice for Texas rehab that works for you to get past your addiction. You don’t have to be beholden to the drug smugglers and crooked cops anymore. You can stop using drugs and you can change your life. And Texas men’s rehab at Last Resort Recovery is your #1 choice for how to do that. Click here to learn more about our meth addiction rehab program.

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