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Embracing Vulnerability Can Boost Recovery: Here’s How

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Becky Babb

Embracing Vulnerability Can Boost Recovery: Here’s How

Embracing Vulnerability Can Boost Recovery: Here’s How

Vulnerability is not something most people want to admit to experiencing. It is almost like a taboo subject to admit that inside, things feel a bit shaky, uncertain, and, yes, vulnerable. Vulnerability is often seen as something to be avoided. Brené Brown has been shifting the conversation around embracing vulnerability as a pathway to a happier, more fulfilled life. Particularly in recovery, this is a key component to understanding the journey and what it has to teach people.

Vulnerability and Shame

Human beings are wired for connection. While connection is a possibility, so is shame. The less it is discussed, the more people seem to have. Beneath feelings of same is a core belief that people feel they are not good enough. In order to have connection, people must allow themselves to be seen by others. That is, being seen as a holistic version of themselves from the inside outward. Making ourselves vulnerable is one of the best, if not the only way, to truly connect with ourselves and others.

Becoming Vulnerable

When people think about what makes vulnerability stand out, it might mean saying ‘i love you,’ it may mean asking for help, waiting for a call from the doctor, getting laid off from work, or taking a leap of faith with no guarantees. Investing in a relationship that might not work can also be vulnerable for many reasons. After years of research, trying to determine what sets apart the shame-filled from the ‘whole-hearted,’ there are things to look for when living a life of vulnerability:

  • Belief in worthiness. It takes courage to be imperfect and willing to tell a personal story with one’s own life. Living out a life of worthiness means owning who a person is inside out and living from that place
  • Have compassion for the self first, then practice compassion towards others
  • Have connection as a result of authenticity (be willing to let go of preconceived notions of self and others)
  • Have belief in what makes vulnerability beautiful and wonderful rather than a detriment

The challenge for people when it comes to vulnerability, particularly men, is embracing who people are rather than trying to dumb with drugs, alcohol, food, or temporary solutions. If painful feelings are drowned out, it is also possible to lose the good feelings of joy, gratitude, and happiness. The goal is to work towards wholeness by working out the things that hold people back from becoming vulnerable and accepting who they are. It is in allowing the self to be seen that a person can become their true, authentic self.

The Last Resort provides a safe, supportive environment for men in a retreat-like setting. Nature is an important component of recovery and healing. We strive to provide a place of enrichment that cultivates the inner as well as the outer journey of recovery. However you find your way to the Last Resort, we endeavor to provide a haven where you can journey through recovery feeling like your life and story have meaning and a purpose. Call us to find out more: 512-750-6750.

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