Finding the Right Sponsor

If you’re new to recovery and the family of 12 step communities, you may not know what to look for when it comes to a sponsor. A sponsor is not a requirement for recovery, but they are a helpful tool to support and guide you on your journey of sobriety, while taking you through the 12 steps of the program.Alcoholics Anonymous defines a sponsor as someone who has made progress in their time of recovery and helps to share that same experience with another alcoholic who is beginning his or her road to sobriety. Most importantly, the sponsor will have finished taking the 12 steps themselves and be able to take you through the 12 steps. While support and companionship are wonderful bonuses of the sponsor-sponsee relationship, the main point is to go through the steps, for this is is what the 12 step groups suggest is a good foundation for recovery.

How to Find a Sponsor

For many sponsors, when you feel like using or are having a hard time, you can contact them knowing they have been there before, understands what you’re going through, and can walk you through it. It is important to understand that sponsors are not trained, medical or clinical professionals, though some of them may be in their personal lives. Truly, they are volunteers on the basis that helping you helps them as well. Their role is to always bring you back to the path of the 12 steps as you learn to apply them to all aspects of your life. When choosing someone to fill this role, keep in mind that your sponsor should be someone who is in active recovery from alcoholism or addiction and gone on to live a sober lifestyle for a significant amount of time. They should be involved in a 12 step program and have completed the steps of that program. Your sponsor should be someone that you trust and respect, not someone that fills a personal role in your life like a family member or coworker. It is also encouraged to choose differently from the people that you might have liked to hang out with or use with.

Choosing the Right Sponsor

Ideally, your sponsor should have a sponsor or mentor of his own. They can use previous knowledge from their own guidance to help you through the steps and the experiences of your life in sobriety. The person you choose should be someone who is the example of what you want in your recovery. You should feel comfortable receiving support and truth from this person. Often, addicts struggle to connect with family or friends if they don’t understand the disease of addiction. Your sponsor will not judge you or your past and will teach you that your past is instrumental to your future.

The Last Resort programs of treatment include a 12 step model. We can help you connect with a suitable sponsor and fellowship as part of your recovery here at the facility. Call 512-750-6750 today for more information.