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Fitness as Your Anti-Drug

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Becky Babb

Fitness as Your Anti-Drug

Exercise is often cited as a natural high. Endorphins are released which boost mood, relieve stress and aid in overall health. Individuals affected by drug abuse or addiction benefit from exercise and fitness as a regular practice in their lives of sobriety. Substance abuse takes its toll on mental and physical well being. Exercise can set the stage for more effective recovery and maintain fitness through a very challenging time.


Our bodies are designed to move. Exercise can also be a great coping mechanism for daily stresses and struggles of sobriety. Healthy habits now will sustain through this journey and those yet to come. Elevated mood, increased social connections, enhanced brain activity and energy are all benefits of exercise. Negative feelings are reduced, as well, when taking the first steps to health by exercising on a regular basis. Research shows people are more likely to see benefits of exercise with only 30 minutes per day of walking or low to moderate intensity movement.

Types of Exercise

Here are some things to consider when looking into various exercise programs.Group Fitness – This type of exercise is built on connection with others who have a similar interest and exercise together. Some of them promote teamwork, social interaction and engagement with different people. Activities might include a class at a gym or fitness center, sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey or other group sports. This often leads to the development of relationships with others who have a similar interest in the sport or activity, improves communication and elevates mood.Solo Fitness Working out by alone may be just the thing to kick start a fitness regimen. Some people just prefer to work alone and that is perfectly fine. Gyms offer a variety of weights, classes, pools and equipment. Walking or jogging outdoors has been shown by research to have positive benefits from being outside in nature such as increased Vitamin D levels and decreased stress.Whichever path is chosen for getting fit, get started and find a routine. Stick with it by finding an accountability partner work out with someone else to ensure consistency in workouts now and in the future.Fitness is a core part of our addiction treatment program at The Last Resort. For more information on our programs call us today at 512-750-6750

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