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Fitness Helps Sobriety

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Becky Babb

Fitness Helps Sobriety

How can exercise help me with getting past addiction and getting to sobriety? Many people know that getting to holistic health is a large part of recovery and overcoming addiction. And physical fitness and exercise is a very important part of that. Exercise can help you focus on something other than drug or alcohol cravings, and it can give you goals to work toward. And there is even new research coming out that it may help your brain chemistry. As you make progress and achieve your goals, you start to feel better and better about yourself. That’s why it’s so important to choose a rehab center that incorporates physical fitness into its program and offers exercise facilities. Click here to learn more about how rehab improves your health.

Fitness Goals and Sobriety Goals

Fitness Helps Sobriety

What can fitness do to help me with my sobriety? Exercise offers you goals to work for—goals that can work together with your goals for sobriety and wellness. You can focus on getting that next mile, or hitting 100 reps. When you achieve those goals, it’s much easier to see your progress. And it gives you a way to track your progress—which can sometimes be difficult as you head towards recovery. You can track days being sober, but fitness goals give you something that you can work toward in a more active way. That’s why exercise and sobriety work so well together.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mindset

And when you’re pursuing your fitness goals, it helps put you in a positive mindset. Instead of worrying about failure (relapse or withdrawal), you can focus on the positive—improving your health and getting in better shape. And that’s not all, either. New research is exploring the link between fitness and brain chemistry health. According to The Fix, “Most people think exercise works to distract addicts from obsessing about using, but [the study’s researcher] believes it also boosts critical brain chemicals— dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin—the same chemicals sparked by most drugs of addiction.” Click here to learn more about how fitness relates to sobriety.

Men’s Rehab in Texas

Where can I go for effective rehab that helps me focus on my fitness, sobriety, and health? Last Resort Recovery is an Austin, Texas-based men’s rehab center that offers gym and exercise equipment so that you can recover your body as well as your life. Click here to learn more about exercise and addiction recovery in rehab.

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