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How To Have Fun In Sobriety

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Becky Babb

How To Have Fun In Sobriety

We live in a culture of beer ads and sexy vodka models portraying that life is just a big party. This perception is one of the many reasons that 1 in 13 Americans are considered alcoholic. There is a social belief that is molded into our minds by the worlds greatest advertisers that we are more fun, better looking, and generally happier whenever booze is in the picture. But you can have fun in sobriety.

That’s all good and well for those 92 percent that do not abuse drugs and alcohol. What about those that have come to the conclusion that they cannot drink like normal people? What about those that are working daily to overcome their disease and live a healthy lifestyle without drugs and alcohol? How do sober people have fun? Is there life after treatment?

The truth is that recovery is not all about sitting in AA clubs complaining about our lives without substances. There is so much possible fun in sobriety. For many a whole new life and lifestyle that they could never imagine. For many of us, we were so debilitated by our disease that today even the smallest, simplest activities are appealing. Having fun in recovery is possible. After speaking with many people in such a position, they have offered some tips for having fun in recovery:

Fun tip – Think Like a Kid

Remember when everything was new and fun? Many times in our addictions we took the little things for granted. We were more concerned about getting our drug of choice than being present and enjoying the moment. Play games, go to the park, explore new hobbies. Allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of life. Embrace each and every day with vigor.

Fun tip – Get Active

Participating in team sports is a great way to have fun in recovery. There are many sober leagues in most cities. This is not only a great way to stay fit, but a wonderful way to develop long, meaningful relationships with people in the program. Not mention there are many added benefits of exercise in addiction recovery. Exercise is an all around health benefit and great social, sober activity.

Fun tip – Educate yourself

Often people begin abusing substances as teens and young adults. For those who suffer from addiction in college, the recovery process can often interrupt schooling. After treatment resuming your education can be a great way to keep busy, improve yourself, and have fun in sobriety.

Fun tip -Travel

Traveling is a big one. Go see how other people live. Many people did not have the ability to travel while in active addiction. We would spend all of our money on our addiction, be too bombed to drive or even make it to the airport in one piece or stay put in fear of not being able to drink or use on our journey. Having fun in recovery is possible, the shackles of addiction have been released, so get out there and explore.

Sobriety is like seeing the world with new eyes. Make a list of things that you may have always wanted to do, but could not achieve due to your addiction. Prioritize that list and get out there and live. Connect with other people in recovery to share your new passion for life. Don’t forget to laugh and never take yourself too seriously and you will soon see that you do not need drugs and alcohol to have fun. An enjoyable, fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol is possible. Take the steps today.

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