Heroin Relapse – How Does Heroin Rehab Help Protect Me?

What can I do about heroin addiction and the danger of relapse? If you’re someone who is struggling with heroin addiction, then you know just how dangerous it can be. Heroin is a highly addictive and highly dangerous drug, being with all sorts of severe health consequences, including respiratory damage, cardiovascular damage, neurological damage and even increased risk of death. One of the most insidious aspects of heroin is that it’s so hard to beat. Even when you’ve made the decision to overcome heroin addiction, it’s not that easy. Relapse is a common danger for people overcoming heroin addiction and right now, there are stories in the news regarding heroin’s potential for relapse. But the situation isn’t hopeless. There are things you can do in order to keep yourself relapse free after overcoming heroin addiction. Click here to learn more about opiate abuse, including heroin and prescription pills.

Why Heroin? What Makes It So Dangerous?

Why is heroin so dangerous when it comes to relapse? Heroine is what’s known as an opioid. Like prescription painkillers such as Percocet, Vicodin, and OxyContin, heroin has a profound effect on your brain chemistry. It basically rewires your brain so that you come to depend on heroin being in your system. So even when you overcome addiction, your brain is still craving heroin. Tragically, this is all too often the case. Stories abound of people who’ve beaten heroin addiction, only to relapse. But did you know that the right program for drug addiction rehab can help protect you from the threat of relapse? Click here to learn more about heroin.

But How Can Rehab Help with Heroin Addiction?

What can I do to choose a program of rehab that will minimize my risk of relapse? When you’re overcoming heroin addiction, make sure that you choose the right program of rehab. One of the defining differences between different programs of rehab is the length of stay. And, when it comes to heroin, longer is better. By entering a longer program of rehab, you can give yourself more time to live without heroin, and more time to learn from your therapists and medical staff. Studies have shown that a 90 day stay of rehab can reduce risk of relapse by up to 73%! Heroin won’t be easily conquered by short stay rehab such as 30 day programs. That’s why you should look for a longer-term stay.

The Right Choice for Texas Rehab

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