How to Earn Back Trust After Addiction

Recovering from addiction is a difficult and strenuous time for anyone involved. The people in your life are going to want to see you do well and conquer addiction, but it may be hard to get them to trust you again. Most people need time to feel you out to see for themselves if you have truly changed before they let you back in their lives.Here are some ways to earn back their trust:

Consider it an Opportunity

Rather than getting frustrated by the fact that people are initially unsure of you and that you have to work to regain their trust, consider it an opportunity. Seeing something as an opportunity to prove their worries wrong and show that you are more than your past issues is a lot more motivating. People will sense your positive attitude and appreciate that you understand why they have reservations about you. Showing these attributes speaks highly of your character and helps people to trust you.

Be Humble

Admit that you have hurt people and damaged their trust. Be open and honest with them about how much you regret that and want to make things right. Look for opportunities to show people your sincerity and humility. If they talk to you about how upset and hurt they are, the best thing you can do is listen and show that you understand. Your friends and family know you can’t just snap your fingers and fix the problem, but they still want to see you making an effort.

Give It Time

All things relating to trust take time- or they should. Different people will need different amounts of time to process the issues to see how you have changed before trusting you again. Don’t expect it all to come back. Once trust is broken, it is not always fully restored. Your loved ones want to trust you and will likely make an effort to rebuild trust in you, but you have to be understanding and patient. Be willing to wait. Sometimes that patience will truly pay off. Relationships often come to be even better than before.The best way to demonstrate yourself as trustworthy is to live your life as a trustworthy person. Actions will always speak louder than words. Continue to live your sober life in an active program of recovery, and change will not be able to go unnoticed.We want you to thrive in recovery. For guidance and support, feel free to contact our addiction counselors here at The Last Resort. Call 512-750-6750 today.