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How To Know If Executive Sober Living Programs Are a Good Fit

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Becky Babb

How To Know If Executive Sober Living Programs Are a Good Fit

Leaving rehab is a time of great challenge for people in recovery. After completion of a program, you may feel ready to return to life but life has other plans. Executives especially may find it daunting to return to the previous pace of life and stay sober. Executive sober living programs can be a good way to meet those demands. Before choosing a sober living program, it helps to answer the following questions about whether or not it is a good fit.

Know the Residents

Selecting a sober living home for executives is challenging because you have a certain lifestyle to uphold while in recovery. This means making space for work, running a business, and other things that are necessary for you to keep up with these things. Choose a program that resembles the lifestyle you left before you entered treatment, as it will help the transition. When you can relate to other residents, and they understand your circumstances, it greatly helps in making the situation more livable.

Some sober living houses will require you to complete a residential treatment program prior to entering the sober home. This can be another challenge for professionals as they require a program catered to their specific needs. An executive rehab program is a must for these individuals. These programs offer a secluded atmosphere with groups tailored to these professionals providing them with the needed tools to overcome their addiction.

Rules of Life

Executive sober living houses may be different for you than others. Rules vary depending on the facility, but typically include:

  • Attending house meetings
  • Working a program
  • Curfews and coming and going as needed
  • Options to work or work from home and keep up a schedule that accommodates an executive role

Keeping things moving forward and functioning well helps transition everyone to a life in recovery that is healing. When people break the rules for their own benefit, it harms the whole house.


When executives think of going to private sober living homes, they may consider some of the amenities they will find while living there. This may include some of the following:

  • Nutrition options
  • Transportation
  • Workspaces
  • Private or shared living space

Sober living homes all have the same goals, regardless of whether they are an executive or not. Life in early recovery is a challenge for everyone. Understanding the motivation to choose sober living helps you choose a program to suit your needs. Expected responsibilities will be there when you get out, causing stress. It is how you handle it that matters most. Develop strong habits now if you want to find healing on the other side of recovery.

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