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How To Recover From Alcoholism: Taking an Inventory of Yourself

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Becky Babb

How To Recover From Alcoholism: Taking an Inventory of Yourself

When people think about how to recover from alcoholism, they often imagine the 12 step program. Traditional 12-step programs and non-traditional recovery programs alike will usually include something that resembles the Fourth Step of Alcoholics Anonymous. This is known as the “inventory” step. It has a nasty reputation for exposing the worst part of ourselves that we denied for so long. Many confuse the inventory for what it truly is: an opportunity to dump long carried baggage and move forward in a more freed life.

What Is the Fourth Step of the 12 Step Program?

How long does it take to recover from alcoholism? The answer depends on the person, but the 12 step method can help many people get through treatment. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous illustrates the fourth step with an analogy to a commercial business inventory. A successful business will regularly conduct inventories to reconcile its operations with what it needs to continue and what it does not. When a person encounters excess or damaged product, a good businessman will know to dispose of it immediately. They will not let it bring the productivity of the business down. There are no arguments, no attachments and no regrets. Your recovery program of choice will apply this theory to your personal life: rather than products or goods, you are taking inventory of resentments and harms done to you- the things you have held onto that are not actually useful anymore.

How to Take a Personal Inventory

How long does it take to recover from alcoholism? As you answer this question on your addiction journey, you’ll have to engage in the fourth step of the 12 step program. Taking a personal inventory with your 12 step sponsor or an addiction counselor will often follow these steps:

  • Completing a comprehensive list of all the things you have held on to, describing them, and identifying how they affected your personal life.
  • As you author this great list, you will begin to see “reasons” for your drinking, where you might have been wrong in a situation, and where you may even owe an apology.
  • Read your list out loud to a trusted companion when you finish it. This can be your sponsor, counselor, or a friend.
  • After you have let all those troubles of the past off your chest, you decide to look at where you can make reparations and resolve to do so.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Alcoholism?

Many people ask this question when they begin the 12 step process. However, the answer varies for everyone. While some people successfully move through all of the twelve steps, other people need more time. It’s also common for people to go back and forth on steps, often needing refreshers from older steps.So when people wonder how long does it take to recovery from alcoholism, there’s not a set answer. However, everyone can trust that when it comes to how to recover from alcoholism, the best course of action is an addiction treatment facility.

How to Recover from Alcoholism at The Last Resort

A 12 step program is not the only part of an addiction treatment regimen. Mens drug addiction treatment programs, such as equine therapy, a medical detox program, rehabilitation program, and a family program are all necessary pieces to the puzzle.These programs help clients better understand themselves and their addictions. Addiction often has its roots in some aspect of a person’s life. For some men, they may struggle with anxiety or self-esteem problems that drive their alcoholism. For others, it may be a long-standing habit that developed over time.Are you ready to free yourself from the bondages of your past? For more information about 12-step recovery programs and how to recovery from alcoholism, please contact the staff and counselors at Last Resort at 512-750-6750“>512-750-6750.

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