Is Work Consuming Your Life?

The question has been asked over and over again: is work taking over your life? Many men have answered in the affirmative but have continued to work long hours, morning noon and night. As they became over-burdened and overwhelmed by a range of work-related issues that caused them to stay on late rather than make their way to their homes, their addiction to work became more dangerous and led to worse problems that they could not cope with. Whether it was seen as a necessary evil, for instance, to put food on the table, or excused as an undying passion, many men have failed to understand and accept that allowing work to rule their lives, rather than allow life and all its inherent meanings to take authority, was just as much an addiction as drug and alcohol abuse can be.

The Power to Overcome

The other life-defining influence, often spoken about in management forums and boardrooms has been what has become known as the “great paradigm shift”. The phrase has been used here before, but in a more meaningful and purpose-driven way. The fact remains, men who have allowed work to take over their lives in order to escape other personal crises urgently need to change their lives.


The adverb “serenity” is often misunderstood. Both corporate executives and politicians alike have usurped the word ‘change’ and sugarcoated it as ‘transformation’ which has led to both intended and unintended consequences. Do not let these anecdotes scare you away from the possibility of true change in your life. Long before picking up the phone for help, you can begin recovering by simply and quietly asking for the grace to make those changes and accept the things that are beyond your control.

New Beginnings

This life-changing perspective is echoed by addicts across the world today. New beginnings happen all the time, rarely alone. The more men are gathered together, joining hands and breaking bread and offering up all their persecutions in life, the more likely the call for help will be heard. Believe that you can return to work and allow the great life that has been promised you to rule over you. For more information on our programs of recovery, call The Last Resort today at 512-750-6750.