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It’s Dangerous to Quit Meth Cold Turkey Without Help

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Becky Babb

It's Dangerous to Quit Meth Cold Turkey Without Help

Methamphetamine Often times referred to as Crystal Meth, Ice, Speed, and other street names, is a powerful man-made stimulant that has adverse effects on a user’s physical and psychological well-being. People who have a dependence to methamphetamine typically find it difficult to achieve sobriety without the use of treatment and support groups. This is due to the psychological strain and physical discomfort that is brought about during withdrawal. It is in these instances that the assistance of treatment and support groups becomes a vital component to the success of sustain abstinence from the substance.

Effects of Crystal Meth

Methamphetamine affects a user’s brain by flooding the brain’s mesolimbic pathway, also known as the “Pleasure Pathways, firing the user’s Dopamine neurotransmitters which result in producing the stimulated response of feeling good or energetic. Even after a short period of regular meth usage, a person’s brain will begin to demand greater quantities of crystal meth in order to maintain the same high dopamine profile. This is why when someone tries to stop using altogether, they experience feelings of depression due to the fact that their brain is being deprived of the source of dopamine that sustained them for the period of time during use.Physically speaking, the withdrawal from methamphetamine is less severe and usually is treated in treatment settings with medications that allow the user to adjust to a more routine sleep and appetite regimen. But psychologically the toll of methamphetamine can be much more difficult to overcome and this is what typically leads to relapse in users. In some instances, users can experience auditory and visual hallucinations due to sleep deprivation and chemical imbalances in which can even result in drug-induced psychosis. This is why treatment for methamphetamine dependence is a vital element in the sobriety attempts of users.

Quitting Methamphetamine

Individuals who have attempted sobriety from methamphetamine have almost uniformly reported experiences that are accompanied by a sense of psychological depression, Fatigue, Increased Appetite, Severe Cravings, Mood swings accompanied by frustration and agitation. They also endorse experiences of feeling both hopeless and helpless and even in some cases have suicidal tendencies. The psychological withdrawal from methamphetamine can continue to persist in the form of Post-Acute Withdrawals which can continue to persist for years after the last episode of use.


Successful long-term recovery from methamphetamine addiction often requires regular psychological counseling and group therapy. Substance abuse treatment will be able to help in decreasing the severity of the withdrawal period. The problem with avoiding treatment is that once the psychological strain and depressive symptoms subside, users can have the false sense of being able to return to the substance and/or possibly be able to manage their addiction better than the time before. This is why engagement in treatment services and support groups is vital to the longevity of sobriety and the overall sustainability of the person’s wellness. Successful recovery from substance abuse typically requires the chemically dependent individual to create a whole new lifestyle away from the substance that controlled their life. The truth is though, there is hope and recovery is possible. You can obtain sobriety and recover from substance abuse dependence.The Last Resort Recovery Center near Austin, Texas, understands the physical and psychological challenges that a recovering addict experiences. You’re not alone and there is help available. If you are someone you love is struggling with methamphetamine dependence Please call us at 512-750-6750 for a confidential consultation.

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