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Local PTSD Support Groups in Austin TX

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Becky Babb

Local PTSD Support Groups in Austin TX

Most people associate post-traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”) with military service veterans who have experienced the violence and terror of a war zone and who are having difficulties reintegrating into a peaceful society. PTSD is a very real problem for many military veterans, but it is not confined to just that group. Anyone who has survived a severe traumatic event can suffer from this syndrome. All individuals need time to process the stress and the events associated with any trauma. If more than three months elapse after a trauma or series of traumatic events and an individual continues to experience distress and emotional flashbacks to a traumatic event, he is likely experiencing some level of PTSD. These individuals could benefit greatly from finding and joining one of many local PTSD support groups Austin TX has to offer.

Support Groups for PTSD

Online searches for local PTSD support groups will uncover an almost endless amount of information about those groups and their goals, and on how they help individuals to recover from psychological problems associated with trauma. Individual PTSD support groups Austin TX has will generally be structured around specific demographic groups or common events that can cause PTSD. Many local PTSD support groups, for example, are available for military veterans and others who have experienced war and combat conditions. Support groups might also be available in large metropolitan areas for rape, spousal, or child abuse victims, for individuals who have experienced violent crimes, and for survivors of natural or man-made disasters. Families of PTSD sufferers will also be affected by this syndrome, and corollary family programs are often available to help family members and friends to live with others who suffer from PTSD.If you are looking for a local PTSD support group but have become confused with the flood of information that you will find online, you can reach out to your doctors or therapists for recommendations. Try to define what you are looking for in a support group, including understanding your own goals, who you will be comfortable with as group members, and what type of programs (e.g. 12-step support, different behavioral therapy, etc.) would best mesh with your personality and needs. Some PTSD support groups Austin TX offers are only forums for individuals to talk about their experiences. Others offer more active suggestions and therapies to help you get past a traumatic event. In all cases, understand also that your participation in a support group is a two-way street. You can offer as much support and assistance to other members of the group as they can offer you.

PTSD Support

At all times, you should accept and acknowledge that you are not alone with your PTSD struggles. Trauma symptoms are no longer perceived as a personality weakness and you do not need to feel shame or embarrassment over your responses to trauma. Individuals who ignore PTSD symptoms are prone to depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. When those disorders go untreated, those individuals often turn to drugs or alcohol to numb PTSD symptoms. You will more effectively preserve your mental and physical health if you treat the PTSD problem directly rather than running away from it with drugs and alcohol. Joining one of your local PTSD support groups can be an important step toward addressing the problem head-on.

Please call the Last Resort Recovery Center near Austin, Texas for more information on PTSD support groups Austin TX offers and suggestions and recommendations for groups in your area. We are committed to helping PTSD sufferers and their families to overcome their PTSD problems before those problems lead to greater difficulties.

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