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Men Have a Higher Chance of Becoming Addicted

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Becky Babb

Men Have a Higher Chance of Becoming Addicted

Do men have to be more careful with alcohol and drugs than women? Many men are asking themselves this question, as more and more men find themselves addicted, or beginning to struggle with addiction. And though you might think that men would have less risk of becoming addicted—after all, men can typically drink more due to their size and body composition—the opposite is actually true. Men actually have a higher rate of being addicted than women do. A new study has found surprising evidence that different ways of handling emotions can lead to the imbalance. Click here to learn more about how men need to be careful of becoming addicted.

Where Does Men’s Addiction Come From?

Men Have a Higher Chance of Becoming Addicted

Why do men get addicted? The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids describes a new study that might explain why. “The study of more than 43,000 adults looked at the prevalence of different types of mental illness by gender. The researchers report in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology that men are more likely to externalize emotions, which leads to behavior that is aggressive, impulsive, noncompliant and coercive.” Because of their ways of handling emotions, men deal with different challenges then women do. And these externalized emotions are also ones that are closely tied to substance abuse and addiction. Click here to learn more about the new study.

Why Men’s Rehab?

Should I choose men’s rehab? The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids thinks so: “The researchers say the findings point to the need for gender-specific prevention and treatment efforts for mental illness.” By choosing men’s rehab, you’re choosing a supportive group of men who will work with you to accomplish the greatest goal: recovery. They’re your team, your brothers. And with this unique setting, you can get the help you need as a man to overcome your unique problems of addiction. Men need different kinds of rehab than women do.

Men’s Rehab and Drug Treatment in Austin TX

Where can I go for rehab in Austin Texas? Last Resort Recovery is your choice for men’s rehab in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, or anywhere in TX. At Last Resort Recovery, you’ll get the support and help you need as a man to recover and get past being addicted. As a men’s rehab-only facility, we understand what you need. Click here to learn more about how Last Resort Recovery offers high-quality Austin TX rehab.

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