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The Importance of Going to Men’s Group Therapy in Texas

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Becky Babb

The Importance of Going to Men's Group Therapy in Texas

Detox and therapy are vitally important but they are only step one of a very long process. Addiction is a disease you will fight your entire life and staying clean and sober is not always easy. Maintaining a support structure once leaving rehab is one of the best things you can do to provide yourself with this support. For most recovering addicts, group therapy meetings are a big help—especially 12 step programs. These types of support systems greatly increase your chances of staying sober long term.

Why Do I Need Men’s Group Therapy?

Rehab allows addicts to free themselves from the strongest, most blatant relapse-triggers following detoxification, but the more subtle characteristics of drug addiction tend to linger on for weeks, months, or even years. Cravings, triggers, or temptations can surface at any point, even years down the road. Addiction never really ends and neither does a good addiction treatment program. Life has a lot of twists and turns, and the right kind of stress, grief, or frustration can stir up things you may not have felt in a long, long time. Group therapy meetings are a safety net. When those cravings strike, you won’t be alone. The idea behind men’s group therapy is accountability. You and your fellow recovering addicts can provide each other support and companionship. Together you can hold each other accountable for your sobriety in a nonjudgmental and completely supportive environment. By facing the struggles of addiction recovery in group therapy in Texas, you are given a team of supportive companions to help keep you living your best life.

Won’t I Just Be Trading One Addiction For Another?

This is a common refrain among the casual public, especially in regards to AA. It’s a reasonable-sounding piece of hyperbole that, unfortunately, is used by many to discredit and criticize such programs. This is simply not true though. These programs are fantastic ways to stay on track with your recovery and find peace with your past along with peers who understand your fight. Mens group therapy allows the lifelong healing needed for the scars of addiction.Group meetings don’t replace drugs. The relief drugs deliver is false and fruitless. With organized group meetings, it’s real, and it’s constructive. Group meetings provide addicts with support, comfort, and social guidance using healthy dialogue and exercises. To some degree, we all need assistance in life; recovering drug addicts especially—they need more than everyday life can offer. Mens group therapy in Texas offers men this assistance provided by those in the same situation. This creates an understanding environment and useful resource for ensuring a successful recovery.

What If I Don’t Get Group Therapy?

When it comes to addiction recovery, “on your own” simply doesn’t work. Attempting recovery yourself doesn’t touch on the many social factors that play into the addiction itself. Attempting this type of solo long-term recovery is simply an unnecessary, fruitless endeavor. Therapy can supply you with effective support systems.Don’t let stigma guide you down a shoddy path. Attending mens group therapy in Texas doesn’t mean you’re helpless or weak. In actuality, it shows that you understand your addiction (its power, its sneakiness, its unpredictability) and that you’re determined to continually fight against it, even if that means sacrificing some time and energy. That’s not weakness, it’s strength. It’s wit. It’s admirable.

If you’re interested in attending group meetings but don’t know much about them, feel free to browse our website or give us a call for further information. The Last Resort will happily discuss different options for you and determine which will be most beneficial in helping you maintain your sobriety.

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