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My Husband and His Alcoholism: What Can I Do?

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Becky Babb

My Husband and His Alcoholism: What Can I Do?

What can I do if my husband is struggling with alcoholism? If you’re the wife of a person who’s abusing alcohol, it can be hard to know what to do. After all, alcoholism can have a severe impact on your family and your relationships. Men are actually at higher risk for alcoholism. It can feel very isolating, as you try to deal with your partner’s alcohol abuse—tiptoeing around their drinking problem. And that’s all while seeing the effect that alcohol is having on him: from health effects, to an increased risk of death or accident. But you don’t have to suffer alone, and your husband doesn’t have to suffer alone. You can get help. And the right program of alcoholism rehab is just what you need.

The Effect a Drinking Problem Has on My Husband

My Husband and His Alcoholism: What Can I Do?

What does alcoholism do to my husband? When your husband is struggling with alcoholism, it’s having a severe impact both on him, and on your family. Alcoholism can be destroying his health, from damage to his heart, kidneys, liver, and brain. And it can be putting him at much greater risk of death. In fact, recent statistics have shown that one in 10 working-age Americans die directly because of alcoholism. And that’s not to mention the effect that alcoholism is having on your relationship and your family. Maybe he gets angry because of his drinking problem. Maybe he gets violent. The fact is that alcohol is involved in a large proportion of violent crime, from domestic abuse, to rape, to assault. But alcohol rehab can help get rid of this substance abuse problem that’s poisoning your family.

Alcohol Rehab Can Help

How can alcoholism rehab help my husband with his drinking problem? If your husband is struggling with alcohol dependency, then he needs help. Lots of people think that they can conquer alcoholism on their own, but it’s almost never the case. It wouldn’t be an addiction if you could easily stop it. Not only that, but trying to quit drinking without rehab can actually put your life in danger. The detox from long-term alcohol abuse can actually be dangerous, and without the right medical supervision, detox could put your husband’s life in jeopardy. But rehab can help him detox from alcohol, work through his addiction issues in group and individual therapy, and begin rebuilding his life in a sober way.

Where to Go for Men’s Rehab?

Where can my husband go for high-quality alcoholism rehab? When you’re looking for men’s rehab for alcoholism, come to Last Resort Recovery. We offer the highest quality in men’s rehab in Texas for both drug addiction and alcoholism. For Dallas, Houston, Austin, and all of Texas, Last Resort Recovery is your husband’s choice for effective residential rehab.

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