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Nutrition: The Best Rehab Starts with It

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Becky Babb

Nutrition: The Best Rehab Starts with It

The Best Rehab Starts with Nutrition

What could nutrition possibly have to do with drug or alcohol rehab? When you think of rehab you usually think about going to an inpatient recovery center far away from your normal life. There are doctors and clinicians and behavioral therapists all standing by to help ease you into a recovery from your drug or alcohol addiction. You may think of beaches and lawn chairs and a serene place to clear your head. But do you think of nutrition and exercise as part of your detox? If not, you should. Because it’s essential to your recovery.

The Best Rehab Starts with Nutrition

Eating Well is Living Well, in Life and in Detox

What’s the benefit of nutrition as part of a detox program? Well think about it: the problem with addiction to drugs and alcohol is that it pollutes your system, changing your body chemistry, and creating dependence on substances that aren’t healthy for you. So wouldn’t it make sense that you should pay attention to all the other things you put in your body ? Detoxification is about getting clean: purifying your body and starting with a fresh foundation to build a new, healthy lifestyle. Check out this New York Times blog post about the advantages of nutrition-based rehab.

Nutrition is the Beginning of Recovery

Where can I go to get information on the best nutrition program to aid my recovery? Well rehab is about more than just nutrition, so we don’t recommend trying to recover by simply eating well. Removing yourself from tempting or dangerous situations is an important part of rehab too. Getting to a peaceful place, where the stresses of your normal life aren’t surrounding you, is another central part of rehab. So you definitely still should get into a rehab program—but look for one that has nutrition as a big focus. Learn more about Last Resort Recovery, a rehab center with nutrition at its core.

Find the Most Holistic Recovery Program

What are all the aspects of a good rehab program? Now that you’ve taken the big first step of looking into a rehab program to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s time to narrow down the choices. You want a professional facility in beautiful location with a focus on nutrition and exercise. Last Resort Recovery perfectly fits the bill for Texas rehab. The nutrition program is firmly established as an essential part of our men’s rehab program. We know that detox is not just about getting the poisons out of your body, but about getting good, healthy, nutritional foods into your body. Don’t settle for a partial rehabilitation—get into a holistic, nutrition-based detox program. Look into Last Resort Recovery!

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