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Opiate Abuse: Prescription Pills, and Heroin Addiction

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Becky Babb

Opiate Abuse: Prescription Pills, and Heroin Addiction

What can I do if I’m suffering from opiate abuse? Opiates are a broad class of drugs that are among the most highly addictive substances on the planet. If you’re struggling with opiate addiction, it can be hard to know where to turn. But the good news is that you can conquer addiction with the right help at a drug addiction rehab program. Opiates include such medical substances as morphine, but they also include commonly abused substances like prescription painkillers and heroin. And, in fact, prescription pills and heroin abuse usually feed into each other, when people make the switch from expensive pills to much cheaper heroin. Click here to learn more about how to enhance your health at rehab.

Opiate Abuse: Prescription Pills, and Heroin Addiction

Prescription Painkillers—How Bad is Addiction?

What should I do about prescription painkiller addiction? Unfortunately, prescription pill abuse is one of the fastest growing forms of addiction in the United States right now. And the cost is very high. Experts say that fully half of all fatal drug overdoses involve prescription medication, usually painkillers like Percocet, OxyContin, or Vicodin. And these drugs are all included in the opiate family. Unfortunately, they can be very easy for addicts to access, because they’re distributed through legitimate channels like pharmacies and doctors, before being sold on the street.

Heroin and the Human Cost of Addiction

What’s the connection between prescription pills and heroin? Both are included in the opiate family. And the addiction to one often leads to addiction to the other. The reason is that, because they’re both opiates, it can be easy for people struggling with addiction to make the switch from pills to heroin. And that switch seems to make more and more sense as they fall deeper into addiction, and they see the high price tag of the expensive painkillers. Then, they find they’re struggling with heroin addiction.

Where to Go for Opiate Drug Rehab?

What can I do about opiate addiction, including prescription pills and heroin? If you’re suffering from opiate addiction, there is good news. Drug rehab can help you. And you can get the help you need at Last Resort Recovery, Texas’ number 1 men’s rehab center. For Dallas, Houston, Austin, and all of Texas, we’re your choice for high-quality rehab to help you get over an addiction to opiates. Click here to learn more about why we stand out as the best men’s rehab center in Texas.

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