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Oprah: Teens Are Tricked into Using Heroin

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Becky Babb

Oprah: Teens Are Tricked into Using Heroin

What do I do if my son is using heroin? Heroin usage is a huge issue that’s plaguing both the US and Canada. And it’s growing, fast. Because of the huge increase in prescription pill abuse, users are increasingly turning to heroin when they need a cheaper high to satisfy their new tolerances for the prescription medication. But it’s not always the drug users themselves that are choosing to do heroin. Oprah Winfrey recently aired a special in which she explored some of the ways that teens are coming to use heroin, and unfortunately one of the most shocking ways was being tricked into using heroin. Click here to learn more about skittles parties, another troubling trend in teen drugs.

Dealers Often Pretend Heroin is Prescription Pills

Oprah: Teens Are Tricked into Using Heroin

So how are teens tricked into taking heroin? How could your son end up accidentally addicted to heroin? Usually they’re lied to. When your son is using prescription drugs without a prescription, he’s leaving himself open to danger. Oftentimes, drug dealers (or even friends!) will encourage your son to snort white powder—telling him it’s crushed painkillers (for example, Percocet, OxyContin, or Vicodin). “We see heroin traffickers really trying to hook prospective new customers into the heroin addiction simply by not telling them what it is they’re selling,” said Jack Riley, DEA Special Agent in Charge.

How Do I Protect My Son from Heroin?

So what can you do help your son avoid accidental heroin addiction? The best way is to talk to him, make sure he knows what the dangers are, and how people can try to trick him with prescription drugs. Also you should talk to him about how dangerous prescription drug abuse is—it’s a problem that’s exploding right now all over the country, and now prescription pills are involved in almost half of all drug overdose deaths. And remember, if your son is struggling with drugs, now is the time to help him, support him, and encouraging him to get the help he needs at a drug rehab center.

Men’s Rehab in Texas for Your Son

Where can I go if my son is using heroin? Last Resort Recovery is an Austin, Texas men’s rehab center that can help your son. By helping him enter men’s rehab, you’re helping him get the support and brotherhood that he needs to recover. Click here to learn more about how we stand out as the best men’s rehab center in Texas.

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